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Commercial Clients Please Contact Us For Pricing

  • SPRING CLEAN-UP - This is an hourly service to clean up debris that is in landscaped areas (beds lawn and driveway parking lots and sidewalks)

  • OFF-SITE DISPOSAL OF DEBRIS  Haul away debris collected from the services requiring heavy loads time to haul away and dispose of debris will be included

  • BARK /MULCH REFRESH - Install fresh mulch of your choice in beds as needed based on time and materials

  • IRRIGATION ACTIVATION AND BLOWOUT – Per system Up to 6 zones - each additional zone will be an additional $15 Irrigation repairs will be made as needed based on time at $100/Tech Hour and materials used.

  • BACKFLOW ASSEMBLY  TESTING - Jesse is certified with the Oregon Health Authority to test and repair backflow assemblies. $100/Test this includes the required reporting to the water purveyor and supplying the property owner/manager with a copy of the test reports. If the valve box is filled with dirt, we will fail the test do to lack of access and proper installation.

  • IRRIGATION BLOWOUT - Per system Up to 6 zones - each additional zone will be an additional $15

  • ADDITIONAL ZONES – More than 6 zones - each additional zone is an additional $15

  • MOW/TRIM/BLOW - Per cut weekly grass cutting, trimming, and blowdown hard surfaces as needed.

  • THATCHING - Thatch all lawns and clean up majority of debris as needed  per service

  • AERATING - Aerate all lawns as needed per service.

  • GRASS OVERSEEDING - Apply grass seed when appropriate if needed to promote a thick and healthy lawn per service.

  • SHRUB PRUNING – This is an hourly based service to prune shrubs as needed within a landscape, as needed, and haul away the debris. (debris disposal may be charged separately if exceeding 1/2 cubic yard)

  • LAWN FERTILIZER  - 3 applications of professional grade fertilizer for your lawns only per application.

  • SHRUB  TREE PLANT FERTILIZER -  Hourly plus material based service to provide 1 seasonal application for all non-native plantings. 

  • NATURAL AREA MAINTENANCE  – This is an hourly based service to line trim natural areas one-time, mid-season as needed.

  • IRRIGATION MANAGEMENT – Per weekly service throughout the irrigation season we will verify during each service visit that your irrigation system is adjusted for optimal health of your irrigated landscape and to help prevent water waste due to overwatering.

  • FALL CLEAN -UP - This is an hourly based charge to clean up debris. The price of debris removal will be included. And time to take debris to dispose of will be included with the charge of service.

  • WEEDS - LAWN/BEDS  - This is an hourly based service to maintain and control weeds in both beds and lawns.

  • LAWN EDGING - This is an hourly based service to edge lawns as needed.

  • LABOR–IRRIGATION  TECH – Hourly based service, $100/per tech hour, to troubleshoot, evaluate, adjust, repair, or monitor.

  • LABOR-GENERAL – Hourly based service, $85/per man hour, to do any work labeled as an hourly based service not related to irrigation systems.

    FOR EXAMPLE: If we have one employee working for 6 hours we will charge 6 hours, If we have 3 employees working for 6 hours we will charge 18 hours.

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